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Why choose us

Fort Pierce Pool Cleaning is known for our attention to detail in pool cleaning and repair services.  We’ve had customers continue to recommend us year after year for one reason.  Our quality and commitment to the job.  We offer the best service at the best rates, which gives you the best value for pool cleaning services in Fort Pierce.  

PH Monitoring

We can monitor your PH levels and ensure a healthy pool, for year-round enjoyment. 

Repair Services

We can do just about any repair service, from leak tests to cracks, to replacing pumps, you name it.  We got you covered.

Free Quote & Consultations

We never charge for quotes, get in touch and we can stop by to give you the most accurate quote possible.

About Us

Committed to Quality

Fort Pierce is a small community and realize our name is on the line.  Which is why we’re committed to providing top notch quality pool cleaning and service.  We know word spreads quickly and want every customer happy and enjoying their pools year round.  Get in touch and tell us what we can do for you!